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Flower and Photography Shows

Flower Show

The Flower Show mandate is to showcase the wonders of our members’ gardens. The topics are posted each month in the Club’s newsletter. Members are encouraged to go to their gardens and take pictures of their plants. Assigned judges assess for beauty, creativity and technical strength. The Pick-of-the-Month entry is awarded recognition in the Cloverleaf newsletter.  

Photography Show

Flower show.jpg

Once a year in February, the Cloverleaf Garden Club holds its annual Photography Show. The photography schedule, adapted from the Ontario Horticultural Association, posts the topics. It is an exciting event which exhibits the talents of Club photographers. All members are encouraged to judge for beauty, adherence to topic and the ‘wow’ factor when choosing their favourite in each class. Winners of the most votes are recognized.  


During COVID-19, the Flower Show and Photography Show

have been virtual using Cloverleaf’s Facebook page. 

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