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Cloverleaf Garden Club

of Mississauga 

Since 1944!

Cloverleaf Garden Club of Mississauga has a distinguished history within our community and one that has dominated the local horticultural scene for more than 75 years. Since 1944, our members have been committed to spread the knowledge of horticulture, to encourage the beautification of home and public grounds as well as to stimulate the interest of children in gardening and the environment.

Club Highlights

  • Cloverleaf is the oldest horticultural club in Mississauga.

  • Cloverleaf has hosted the longest continuously held garden tour in Ontario.

  • Cloverleaf floral artists have provided a floral design for exhibit openings at the Art Gallery of Mississauga.

  • Cloverleaf has great flower shows where everyone can participate

It all started in a school…

In February 1944, Cloverleaf held its first meeting at the Queen Elizabeth Public School as the Cloverleaf Horticultural Society under the direction of our first President, J.H.L. Morgan Q.C. Major effort at the school in 1956 by all Club members established the Cloverleaf Wildflower and Bird Sanctuary with plantings of native wildflowers, ferns, shrubs and trees. This initiative confirmed that projects such as this stimulate in the young the need to preserve native habitats. Converting “Conservation Through Preservation” into actual practice is still the major focus of our Youth Programmes.

Garden Tours

Back in 1966, Cloverleaf organized its first Garden Tour, which is now the longest continuously held Garden Tour in Ontario. Now a staple of every community across the province, Garden Tours bring the world of horticulture to many people and encourage the beautification of all of our towns, cities and villages. Many are conducted to raise funds for charities while others, like Cloverleaf’s, raise funds for local community support groups.

The Garden Tour was one of the many “firsts” that Cloverleaf initiated under the direction of Mr. Tom Crookston, our President from 1964 to 1966. He was also the driving force behind establishing the first plant sale, fertilizer sale and gardening tools sales in the community. In the early 1960’s, Cloverleaf members provided plant and gardening advice at the Dixie Fruit Market on Dundas Street. Tom Crookston was an award winning delphinium grower who introduced the wider use of perennials in local gardens with his “Connoisseur Corner” at the Market.

Mississauga Master Gardeners

The Mississauga Master Gardeners (MG) was formed in March 1994. Unlike other MG groups in the province of Ontario at that time, this was the first self-funded by its members. Largely due to the efforts of Cloverleaf President, Shirley Daniels, Cloverleaf advanced the initial start-up funds along with the Mississauga Garden Council (now The Riverwood Conservancy) and donations from various Horticultural Societies in OHA District 15, who were responsible for the original application to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The Ministry provided some reference books and administrative advice, but the rest was left to the initial group of 15 volunteers. Today, the Mississauga Master Gardeners provide information at all major horticultural events in Mississauga and the GTA.

Flower Shows

From its very beginning, Cloverleaf was known for the breadth of knowledge of its members in both horticulture and floral design. Four of our members were in the first class of accredited Horticulture and Floral Design Judges that were conducted by the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington. 

Past Community Programmes


Bradley Museum (1967) and Benares Historic House (1995) was supported by Cloverleaf from the beginning of their operations. At Bradley House, we established a heritage ‘cottage garden’ containing plants appropriate to the 1820’s when Bradley House was first constructed. The native and heritage plants which were either purchased by the Club or donated by members from their garden are still important for biodiversity and to support the local wildlife and insects who feed on them. The flowerbeds around The Anchorage were planted with perennials and annuals for needed colour throughout the summer. These flower beds were all maintained by Cloverleaf volunteers. At Benares, we helped establish the perennial beds and provided spring flowering bulbs to ensure extended seasons of colour on the property. While we no longer maintain those beds, our legacy has been left with the profusion of flowering bulbs and perennials. 


Cloverleaf supported past exhibit openings at the Art Galley of Mississauga, with floral designs, supported their annual Art Auction fundraiser and provided a design for the auction.


Streetscape Mississauga was a new venture for Cloverleaf, with members involved in judging the Streetscape Mississauga Front Garden Contest. We partnered with three other horticultural societies in Mississauga to conduct this contest and were represented on the planning committee. This contest ended in 2013.

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