Special Projects

Port Credit Pollinator Gardens

The Port Credit Pollinator Garden is a joint project between Cloverleaf Garden Club of Mississauga, The City of Mississauga, the Port Credit Seed Library, and Credit Valley Conservation. The garden features locally native flowers, ornamental grasses and shrubs to attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators by providing a source of food and shelter.

The gardens showcase native plants that are beautiful, pollinator-friendly, easy to care for and an alternative to regular perennial and annual flower beds! Cloverleaf volunteers, along with the other joint partners, have been maintaining and monitoring the gardens since their planting in June 2018.

The gardens are located at the Port Credit Library- map

Monarch and Joe Pye.JPG

School Programs

Cloverleaf members host gardening programs at two public schools in Mississauga. With the assistance of the teachers and principals, each schools’ activities and programming are unique to their needs. We are proud to offer gardening support and expertise to two schools:

  • Oakridge Public School

  • Riverside Public School

school program.jpg

Riverwood Conservancy

The Riverwood Conservancy had the guidance and support of two Cloverleaf members since its early days – Philip Stuart and Shirley Daniels. Philip designed several perennial garden beds including the Rose Garden he designed in front of Chappell House that contains over 80 varieties of David Austen roses. Shirley was actively involved in education and fundraising. Their contributions are legendary, with two of Riverwood’s volunteer awards now named in their honour. Today, several Cloverleaf members continue to be involved in activities, teaching and as Members of the Board at Riverwood.