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Speaker Series

Each year, Cloverleaf Garden Club hosts talented gardening, horticulture and other experts, promising to engage us, teach us and amuse us. From gardening myths to tips and tricks, from flowers to veggies, we work hard to showcase a variety of topics that will help you with your gardening dreams.


Presentations are on the third Wednesday of the month from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm at 1389 Cawthra Rd., Mississauga.

The balance of the 2024 speaker series will be in person only,


Marie Decker_edited.jpg

Marie Decker
How to Grow and Care for 

Wednesday, June 19, 2024
7:30 pm

Marie Decker will introduce us to rose terminology and look at some of the best roses we can choose based on colour, fragrance and type of rose, Included in the presentation will be rose culture, planting, growing, and pruning, along with insect pests, diseases and lots of pictures of beautiful roses..


Marie Decker is an avid flower and vegetable gardener, a member of the Oakville Horticultural Society, Burlington Horticultural Society, Hamilton and Burlington Rose Society, Canadian Rose Society, American Rose Society, District Six of the Ontario Horticultural Association, and past member of the Cloverleaf Garden Club. Marie is an Accredited Garden Clubs of Ontario/Royal Botanical Gardens judge of both horticulture and design, a Certified Ontario Horticultural Association judge and is currently completing accreditation as a Canadian Rose Society Judge. Marie has entered and won in both horticulture and design at local flower shows, district flowers shows, and shows such as Canada Blooms, Successful Gardening, Brantford Flower Show, and Ontario Horticultural Association Convention Flower shows and virtually in the South African Floral Union Flower Shows and Garden Clubs of Toronto Re-connections show.

Marie is a speaker addressing local and further afield garden clubs, has addressed the OHA Convention on Youth Leadership, and has done an OHA virtual judges’ update and several other talks on line. Topics cover many horticultural and design topics.

Tony Spencer_The New Perennialist_Headsh

Tony Spencer
Wildscaping: Explorations in
Naturalistic Planting Design

Wednesday, October 16, 2024
7:30 pm

Wildscaping is about using plant-driven landscape design to create and sustain dynamic garden spaces, filled with beauty and wildlife, to rekindle our relationship to the natural world. Join writer and  planting designer Tony Spencer for an encounter with some of the international designers, innovations, issues, and landscapes leading the way – along with a look at his own experimental design projects – to inspire garden-making with a sense of purpose on the wild side.


Tony Spencer is the Canadian writer, digital creator and planting designer behind The New Perennialist. He is recognized and published internationally in the world of naturalistic garden design. Known for his award-winnig blog, he also hosts The New Perennialist Talks, a webinar series featuring influential design innovators in the genre. In 2020, Tony won a top Landscape Design Honor Award in 2020 from the US-based Perennial Plant Association (PPA) and in 2023, he was named PPA Garden Media Promoter of the year. Day to day, Tony is a puckish ringleader for the naturalistic movement on social media with over 75k followers on his various channels. He travels extensively to gardens and symposiums in his primary role as a communicator, documenter and sharer of ideas for this movement.

Upcoming Speakers


Fall Festival
Join us for a fun evening of
socializing and sharing 

Wednesday, September 18, 2024
7:30 pm

Join us for an evening of informal socializing, sharing garden successes and maybe failures.  Bring your garden questions, there will be Mississauga Master Gardeners attending.


We invite members to bring along their prized produce, flowers, photographs (digital or print), or maybe make a recipe with something you have grown and share it with the group.


Members are invited to prepare a talk of 2 to 5 minutes on their own gardens. Tell us about what has worked especially well this year or maybe what hasn't.  Show us a slideshow of your garden. Ask a question or tell a story.


It's the members' evening to bring & brag, share a challenge or a best practices tip.  No judging, just a good time with friends who

are as passionate about all things gardening as you are.


Michael Erdman
How to Make Christmas
Themed Outdoor Decorations

Wednesday, November 20, 2024
7:30 pm

Kicking off the festive season, Michael Erdman, an RBG and Garden Club of Ontario certified floral judge, will be presenting us with a demonstration of creating Christmas themed outdoor decorations,  Michael, who is himself an award winning floral designer (Canada Blooms, the CNE, and the Garden Clubs of Ontario Triennial Shows), will show us how to make a festive holiday urn and a decorative door swag with a special emphasis on using foraged greenery and natural materials from your garden. 

 Michael Erdman developed his keen interest in gardening and horticulture when he bought his first house in Toronto’s Riverdale neighbourhood in the late 80’s. Although his grandfathers in Waterloo had tutored him as a child in the culture of roses and growing vegetables, there was a long interlude between opportunities to get his hands dirty. With a blank slate of a yard at his new house and being a researcher by trade, Michael threw himself into learning about perennials, roses, shrubs and within a couple of years had no grass left in his yard. Without his knowledge, a friend entered him in a couple of garden contests, and in two years his garden won first prizes in the Riverdale ward and White Rose Nursery’s city-wide garden contest. 

Moving to the Beach neighbourhood in the ‘90’s for more arable land, Michael co-authored books on perennial gardening and indoor gardening, and eventually became president of the Beach Garden Society. His Beach garden has been featured in local summer garden tours, and in numerous magazines, newspapers and TV programs. He tends hundreds of houseplants, including camellias and orchids. Always looking for new challenges, he completed the RBG and Garden Clubs of Ontario horticultural and floral design judging certification courses. Michael’s floral designs have won many awards at major juried shows such as Canada Blooms, the CNE, and the Garden   up the Greater Toronto Bulb Society. 

Past Speakers

Colin Pine_edited_edited.png

Collin Pine
Book Talk : The Garden Next Door

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Join children's book author Collin Pine as he digs into the germination story of The Garden Next Door, shares about the collaborative process of creating an award-winning book, and talks about how the power of storytelling can be used to ignite children’s love for local flora and fauna.

Catherine McGill.jpeg

Catherine McGill
The Ground Gets Lower

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

"Ground gets Lower” Advice for all gardeners on how to stay gardening longer and maybe learn some new tricks on the way.

Aging, round, humour in a nutshell I was a chef for over 20 years, Blacksmith, Horse trainer, Riding instructor but the ones you want to know is my own Garden maintenance business for way too long, 40+ years and my clients are in majority, seniors, 

Helen Battersby in shirt Feb 2017.jpeg

Helen Battersby
The Gardens of Ireland 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Enjoy an eyeful of ideas with a side order of history in this inspiring armchair garden visit to the glorious Emerald Isle. From a Neolithic farm site on the scenic west coast to Victorian garden estates and the contemporary creations of siblings Jimi and June Blake, you’ll soon want to put Ireland on your bucket list.

Sean James.jpg

Sean James
Good Enough To Eat
Living off YOUR Land

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Join us for an informative presentation by Sean on the fundamental principles of growing food on your property. Sean will share creative solutions for city yards and discuss how to keep your garden ornamental while using edible natives and perennials to be eco-friendly.

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