Speaker Series

Each year, Cloverleaf Garden Club hosts talented gardening, horticulture and other experts, promising to engage us, teach us and amuse us. From gardening myths to tips and tricks, from flowers to veggies, we work hard to showcase a variety of topics that will help you with your gardening dreams.


Presentations are on the third Wednesday of the month from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm at 1389 Cawthra Rd., Mississauga.

To attend a Speaker’s Event, you must be a member of the Club or pay per event.  Learn more about membership.

Until further notice, all Speaker Events will be virtual using Zoom.

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Charlie Dobbin
How to Garden Better in a Changing Climate

Wednesday, February 17, 2021
7:30 pm

Learn tips, techniques and much more from this lively presentation by Charlie Dobbin. Every year in the garden presents new winners and losers - Charlie will help dispel some of the myths about why this happens. Plus, she'll steer you in directions that will help with future garden challenges

Charlie Dobbin is a well-known horticulturalist and landscape designer with professional gardening experience world-wide. She operates her own landscape design and horticultural consulting company, ‘Garden Solutions by Charlie Dobbin’. 

Currently, Charlie hosts the Garden Show on AM740 every Saturday at 9am. She also teaches horticulture at Durham College and fits in garden consultations when she can. When she’s not providing garden advice to clients, Charlie can be seen delivering practical and entertaining gardening tips on a variety of television stations.

Charlie moved to Prince Edward County in 2019 where she’s taken on the challenge of creating a garden paradise on a 2-acre lot, including a brand-new custom home. 

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Niki Jabbour
Growing Under Cover: Techniques for a more productive, weather-resistant, pest-free vegetable garden

Wednesday, March 17, 2021
7:30 pm

Join award-winning author Niki Jabbour as she shares her secrets to growing more food, reducing pest problems, and dealing with unpredictable weather in her vegetable garden. She’ll spotlight a wide variety of season extenders like shade cloth, row cover, cold frames, and polytunnels, as well as show you how to use garden covers to prevent damage from deer, flea beetles, and cabbageworms. Put Niki’s techniques to work in your garden so you can enjoy a year-round harvest in any sized space. 

Niki Jabbour is the Halifax-based author of four innovative vegetable gardening books and a two-time winner of the prestigious American Horticultural Society Book Award. Niki is the host and producer of the long running radio show The Weekend Gardener. Her writing can also be found in magazines like Fine Gardening and Birds & Blooms. She is the co-owner of SavvyGardening.com and reaches thousands of gardeners every day on her social media. You can find her @NikiJabbour on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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Larry Hodgson
Garden Myths

Wednesday, April 21, 2021
7:30 pm

Every gardener knows that you can keep slugs at bay by surrounding plants with ground eggshells. That sand will lighten heavy clay soil. That newly planted trees need to be staked. Except that… none of that is true. Learn the truth about many useless and wasteful garden practices and save yourself time, effort and money.

Larry Hodgson is a freelance garden writer living in Quebec City. He is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines, speaks frequently to horticultural groups throughout North America and appears regularly on television and radio. His daily gardening blog, laidbackgardener.blog, attracts more than 2 million visits a year. His book credits include Making the Most of Shade and Perennials for Every Purpose, as well as over 60 other titles in English and French.

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Anna Leggatt
The Basics of Pruning: Keeping plants in order

Wednesday, May 19, 2021
7:30 pm

In this presentation with lots of visuals and a short video, Anna will share why to prune; when to prune; tools needed; how to prune and when not to prune. Using lots of examples from her own garden, Anna will help us make the right cut!

Anna Leggatt, a Toronto Master Gardener, is a former High School teacher in Botany, Chemistry and she worked for 30 years at the Kortright Centre for Conservation. She is the Past Chair of the Ontario Rock Garden Society and former editor of its Journal; Past Director of North American Rock Garden Society; a member of GardenComm; and a former Program Director for East York Garden Club. Anna has written articles for Toronto Life Gardening, Landscape Ontario and The Globe and Mail as well as Plant Portraits in Trellis (the Toronto Botanical Garden’s publication) and others in The Journal of the Ontario Rock Garden Society, NARGS, the Dutch Rock Garden Society and other non-profit organizations. Anna won the NARGS Marvin Black Award in 2017, a Silver Award from GARDENCOMM in 2016 and prizes for photography. Anna is basically a mad gardener, gardening in a comparatively large garden in Toronto with lots of shade and visiting mink, deer and groundhogs. She loves shrubs, bulbs, rock gardening, wildflowers, Japanese effects, working with stone and changing her garden design. Anna wants to grow vegetables. However, deer and groundhogs would like her to as well.

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Helen Battersby
Garden of Regrets

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

7:30 pm

In this info- and image-packed presentation you’ll meet the plants you’d wish you'd never planted – and learn how to avoid them (before you do) or to live with them and, perhaps, even love them (if you must).

For 30+ years in her small city garden, Helen Battersby has battled one of a gardener’s toughest challenges – dry shade, on sandy soil under giant Norway maples. This has, unfortunately, caused her to make many a regretful plant choice, and she hopes to save you from that misery. Helen is a grad of Ryerson’s Landscape Design program and has spent 15 years as a volunteer with the Toronto Master Gardeners. A member of GardenComm, the Association for Garden Communicators, she has been published in magazines such as Garden Making and, with her sister Sarah, writes the award-winning TorontoGardens.com. In 2017, the sisters took over publishing of a long-standing book – which in 2019 was renamed the Toronto & Golden Horseshoe Gardener’s Journal and Source Book. In fact, it has loyal users from coast to coast.    

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Robert Pavlis
Gardening Tricks

Wednesday, September 15, 2021
7:30 pm

There is no such thing as a maintenance free garden, but there are many tricks that reduce the effort needed to maintain a garden. This presentation will present a number of ideas that will make garden maintenance easier. Topics include things like edging a bed, keeping your twine from getting tangled, what to do with rocks, propagation drainage and eliminating stakes.


Robert Pavlis is a well-known speaker, and educator with over 40 years of gardening experience. He is the author of several books, Building Natural Ponds, Soil Science for Gardeners and Garden Myths and publishes the popular gardening blogs; GardenMyths.com and GardenFundamentals.com. As the owner and head gardener of Aspen Grove Gardens, a six-acre botanical garden, he grows 3,000 varieties of plants.


Jill Bishop
Backyard Urban Farming

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
7:30 pm

Learn about the many benefits, (and of course some challenges) of growing food in an urban setting, including an abundance of fresh hyper local food and the opportunity to build relationships within your community while you grow! 


Jillian Bishop is a long-term urban farmer/ seed saver. She is a Community Food Cultivator with the Nourish project where she helps support communities in coming together to start and grow community gardens. She operates urbantomato, a local heirloom seed business, and organizes her local Seedy Sunday.  She believes there are many benefits to growing your own food and saving seeds in urban settings.  After growing seeds on borrowed land for over a decade, she now happily grows and saves seeds on her urban farm in Peterborough Ontario Canada.

Lorraine Johnson by Phil Wallis better c

Lorraine Johnson
Rogue Gardens and the Weed Police

Wednesday, November 17, 2021
7:30 pm

In this light-hearted and unconventional look at how and why we garden, author Lorraine Johnson challenges us to consider the role of gardens in an era of ecological and social change. Highlighting examples of gardeners who push against neighbourhood norms—and who are often subject to bylaws and other forms of social sanction—this talk encourages us to celebrate landscape diversity and the gardeners who challenge deeply held notions of garden convention.

Lorraine Johnson is the author of 10+ books (Green Future: How to Make a World of Difference; 100 Easy-to-Grow Native Plants for Canadian Gardens; Grow Wild!; The New Ontario Naturalized Garden; Tending the Earth; The Real Dirt; among other titles); founding editor of the magazine Ground: Landscape Architect Quarterly; a patron of Toronto Botanical Garden; a former president of the North American Native Plant Society; former Board member of LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests); former Board member of Wild Ones!; a community gardening activist and an activist for legalizing backyard hens; and a frequent speaker on topics related to gardening and environmental and social issues. Lorraine's most recent book is called "A Flower Patch for the Rusty-Patched Bumblebee: Creating Pollinator Habitat for Native Pollinators in the Greater Toronto Area" and is available as a FREE download from: www.foecanada.org/bee-garden-guidev