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Co-Presidents' Annual Report


Wow, 2021, what a year of continued global upheaval, issues with climate change, personal health, economic instability, and the loss of what we used to consider “normal”. The Pandemic has made us all view the world and everyday issues with trepidation. 


Cloverleaf, throughout 2021, however, has been able to maintain its focus, albeit, in a modified format. Thanks to the continued support of the Membership and the hard work of the Leadership Team, we are still “open for business”, we’re just Zooming along.

The Board is pleased to welcome two members that joined the Leadership Team, Scott Harvey and Bruce Ascroft and with their positive attitudes, they are taking on vital roles on the Team.


We successfully held 8 speaker series meetings, virtually, through Zoom technology, which allowed Cloverleaf to access speakers from far abroad, not just local. Teresa worked very hard to provide an excellent lineup of speakers for 2021, which were well attended, given that we are still learning how to Zoom. 


Bonnie, the Editor of Cloverleaf Thymes Newsletter, our social media format, has continued to issue an excellent newsletter. With the help of member contributions, especially those monthly staples; Christine’s Pick of the Month, From the Garden Goddess and Around the Yard, it is a lighthearted and educational read. Member’s photos highlight our gardening successes.


Covid restrictions caused Cloverleaf to cancel the 2020 AGM from our normal date in January 2021 and to reschedule it to September 15, 2021. It was held virtually, and the Leadership Team thanks those members that participated. The number of members attending met the required amount to reach quorum, as outlined in Cloverleaf’s Constitution, so that voting could proceed on the various items and Cloverleaf’s Board could continue to work for you, the Club.


In 2020 at year end, our Club had a membership of 135, which was a severe drop from previous years, but for 2021, we had a small increase to 141 members. Behind the scenes, Laura has maintained the Club’s ever changing membership list, keeping track of payments.


Teresa and new member Tammy designed and introduced a vibrant, easy to navigate new Website, to promote and help steam line Cloverleaf’s online presence

@ This helped add more members to our Club and I recommend that all members take some time and look at the site. It is a wealth of information, covering a huge variety of topics.

Teresa also initiated a new online presence for Cloverleaf. It’s a Website on Meetup, under “Garden Club groups in Mississauga” and it currently has 91 members.


Cloverleaf has been financially stable for 2021, despite the fact, that, again, no Community Plant Sale or Garden Festival could be held. The OHA has supported all garden clubs with several grants, to assist with the loss of fundraising events.


The Board decided to continue financial support of $500.00 each to three causes, that the Club has previously supported, The Compass Food Bank and its community vegetable garden, Riverwood Conservancy’s Teen Education program and Blooming Boulevards.


We also provided $400.00 financial support to Oakridge Public School and the Junior Program, directed by a volunteer Cloverleaf member, who, despite the pandemic and school closures, continued, thanks Kimberlay.


The Leadership Team is losing several dedicated, knowledgeable Board members, as of the end of 2021 and will be greatly missed. 


I would like to thank Patricia Griesser and Christine Fry, my Co-Presidents, for all their spirit, sass and long-term knowledge of everything “Cloverleaf”, the Club owes you for your dedicated leadership and guidance for all these years. Bravo!!


Patricia and Christine will continue to help with their expertise, Patricia with the OHA and Christine with Mailchimp.


Teresa Ierullo joined the Board in 2020 and took the reins of the speaker program and managed to get some great talent, at great prices. She was also the lead on developing Cloverleaf’s new Website and it is outstanding. Regretfully, Teresa decided not to continue on the Board for 2022, but she will still perform her negotiating magic, to line up speakers for 2022.


I thank all the Members and the Leadership Team for supporting Cloverleaf and hope that we can continue to advance our Club in 2022. 


Cheers to 2022, a year for Hope & Prosperity.


Regina “Reggie” Gudelis

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